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Attention Keele UG & PG Media students & recent graduates and post-graduates!

Fancy some paid work experience as a Radio Production & Broadcast Assistant or in a role involving Music Journalism or Graphic Design?

A range of fantastic paid internship opportunities in the field of creative communications and marketing open only to Keele students & recent graduates and post-graduates are being made available through the Keele Internships scheme.

Please see attached documents for current media and communications related openings.

For a full list of all available roles and details on how to apply visit:

Make sure you visit the site regularly as new roles are added are all the time.


NEW Sound Booth!!

Introducing the newest member of the MCC family, a sound recording studio! This little baby was custom built just for us! It features the latest Apple iMac with a stunning Rode USB microphone!

It can be used for voice-overs, recording instruments, sound effects, wildtracks, accapella sessions, used-car sales and swimming lessons.

Its available for all MCC Students to use whenever they require it! Please speak to a member of the MCC technical staff if you wish to use it.

MasterQuiz: Star Wars

After almost 10 years (!!) I have finally got back into film making! I plan to make this MasterQuiz video into a series of short YouTube videos with a dry, surreal comedy style (similar to Adult Swim). Inspired by Dr Steve Brule: Check it Out! I decided to make my own series of videos in this style.

Made with the assistance of Keele MCC Students and independent actors.

Hope you all enjoy!

Sam Galantini.

“Endless” wins Best Short Film

Congratulations to the creators of Endless for wining the award for the best film in this year’s Digital Video module!

From left to right: Peter, Michael, June, Thomas and Chloe standing with their tutor James.

Endless follows the story of Lily as she begins to create her first video blog to share the stories in her life. But her vlog soon becomes a cry for help for the domestic violence she receives in her relationship with her boyfriend Ben.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 13.37.21
The characters of Lily and her boyfriend Ben.

Digital Video is a first year practical module which gives Media students the opportunity to work together as a group to produce a short 5 minute film. The winners of this year’s best film were voted for by their classmates.

MCC Movie Night: Elf

Last MCC Movie Night of the year! So crack open the mince pies and get your slippers on for our screening of Elf

1st Dec, 5pm, Screening Room

Meet Buddy, a baby raised by elves who grows to realise he doesn’t quite fit in. Determined to find a place where he belongs, Buddy searches for his real dad – in New York City! A laugh-out-loud comedy Starring Will Ferrell, James Caan and Zooey Deschanel.

Get your FREE ticket here!!

This is a free event exclusively for Keele MCC and ISC students. Make sure you arrive on time, as doors CLOSE at 5:15 and entry will not be permitted after this. SO DON’T BE LATE!

Hacking Plastic – event

We’re very pleased to be part of two events in November, which are run as part of the Being Human festival. Hosted at B-Arts, we’ll be exploring some creative ways we can deal with the problem of plastic waste – which has been in the newspaper headlines recently, with the discovery of a new plastic garbage patch in the Pacific that is the size of Mexico.

hacking plastic

One of the difficulties about dealing with plastic is that we often think we’re disposing of it responsibly when we recycle, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The problem with plastic is that it’s not just harmful when it’s discarded (as with famous images of it harming wildlife, such as the below image), because plastic is equally problematic when it breaks down. Frictions caused by ocean waves make an ideal environment for it to break down into tiny particles, which we might not be able to see but – as Thom van Dooren has described  – can lead to the slow death of species such as albatrosses. These workshops are, we hope, the start of a series of initiatives where we can use a range of creative approaches to re-think our relationship with a material that is simultaneously so everyday and so fraught with problems. More about the project can be found here.


24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

First Year student Shauna successfully completed a 24 hour filmmaking challenge this weekend! Her short video, The Artist’s High, can be seen here:

The film follows the Journey of an artist who decides to go on a train and see where life will take her. She has never seen fireworks before and so she’s amazed at this new experience with all the new colours. However the train journey and visiting new places never actually happened and it was just a hit of Heroin. The whole “trip” Is played backwards and you see that the first step that she took was really just a step in the drugged up world she’s living in. You later discover that it never happened when you see a rope tied around her arm with a needle in the other hand laying unconscious on a couch.

Shauna’s intentions of the film is not to promote or romanticise drug use, but use the 24h film challenge as a creative outlet for her passion for film making!

See Shauna’s YouTube Channel here

Shauna did incredibly well to write, plan, produce, shoot and edit a completed film in just 24 hours! Well done Shauna! 🙂