Location Scouting

In Keele, there are lots of green space. You can see blue sky, green fields, horses and squirrels which are difficult to be found in cities.

If you like taking photos, woodland walks behind the Music Department is definitely suitable for you. It is like a backyard of the university. During summer, visitors are allowed to have picnic on the grass. The sun is warm and the grass is so green. You can take pictures when you are having a good time under the sunshine. During winter, the snow covered the grass is like a white blanket to the ground. This makes the scenery more tranquil, clean and bright. The leaves on the tree are gone. The branches of the trees create a different composition your pictures when you look up the sky. Besides, the lake besides the woodland is also a good spot to take pictures. The ducks in the lake swim so happily and they are waiting for you to take pictures for them.

Apart from the woodland walks, Keele Hall which is also an excellent location to take photos. It is an icon of the university and it is a Grade II listed building. This historical site makes you feel nostalgic and classic.

P.S. When I took these pictures, I was wearing an earphone and listening to music. However, I took them off finally because the surrounding infected me. I heard the sound of birds flapping their wings and the blowing of wind. I felt how freeze it was and I saw how weak the sunshine was. Taking pictures is not just β€˜taking what you see’. Having a feeling to the surroundings helps you to convey a message from the photo. Also, this leads you to develop a deep emotion about the subject of the photos and thus capturing more pictures which can inspire audience.

DSCN4098 edit

DSCN4110 edit

DSCN4127 edit


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