Harry Potter naming system for new Canon cameras

To give our cameras a bit of personality, the Canon XF300s that are available from the MCC Equipment Store, each now have the name of a Harry Potter character. The three XF300 cameras available so far are named after Harry, Ron and Hermione.

XF300 Harry Potter camera

Each camera having a unique identifier allows students to know which exact camera they borrowed, should they need to reshoot a scene or maybe just check what settings they applied to the camera, after it has been returned it to the MCC Equipment Store. The files created by each camera now also have a unique naming prefix, which corresponds to their character’s name, for example, a video clip shot using Ron Weasley will have the file name “RW0001” and so on.

The Canon XF300 video camcorder
The Canon XF300 video camcorder.

The Canon XF300 is the newest addition to Media, Communications and Culture, available for higher level students to borrow for the production of their course work. The full HD camcorder records in MPEG-2 format as high quality MXF files at a data rate of up to 50Mbps. It comes with an 18x wide angle Canon L-series lens as standard and records onto dual compact flash cards.

The XF300 is very customisable and user-friendly, allowing the ability to customise buttons, tweak personal preferences and you’ll find every switch and toggle you need is easy to reach. A team of our work experience students have already begun using this camera to film our MCC Promo Video, which so far is looking pretty smart! More on this story later…

Whoever takes Ron Weasley out next, do ensure he doesn’t break anything!


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