Voice your opinion to National Student Survey (NSS)!

It’s nearly the end of the semester. I believe that you have participated quite a lot in your course from September and hope you all enjoy the moment in Keele. Apart from taking part in your courses, do you have any thoughts about the courses, for example, the teaching, assessment and feedback and academic support? If you do, here’s the opportunity to voice your opinion to National Student Survey (NSS)! This survey is prominent to you and me as only we know the situation of our courses. The questions asked in the NSS focus on the aspects that matter to us. For instance, in the aspect of ‘assessment and feedback’, the scores were relatively low to other prospects in 2005. Thus, the university devoted effort into improving the performance in this area and the scores of this have improved in the following year. The survey won’t take you long to complete. You may be asked about a few areas about your learning experience, such as organisation and management of your courses, learning resources and personal development. Also, the survey consists of the questions about the Students’ Union. Moreover, you can provide positive and negative opinions on your learning experience anonymously. This can help Keele to identify the problems and how to address them. This survey will totally benefit you and Keele. On one hand, your opinion can improve the performance of Keele. On the other hand, you can gain from the improvement. So, why wait? I have done mine. How about you?



What are your thoughts?

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