Practice Makes Perfect

Like getting stuck in to multimedia projects? If you have a hands on approach to your course work, you’ll love the practical side of Media, Culture & Communications at Keele University. The practice elements of the course let our students to get creative with industry-standard software, enabling them to discover their full potential. Training will be given on a range of cameras, imaging software, sound design & video editing programs so that every one of our students can be confident in producing their projects.

24/7 open access computer suite is available for the students to use to work on their projects.

Our students work both independently and as part of a group. The group projects help students bounce ideas off each other and let each of them have a go working on something different. The individual projects enable our students to discover their own way of working and develop their skills with new software at their own pace.

The Canon XF300 video camcorder

Working with high end video camcorders and still image cameras sets our students up for work after university by teaching them the essential skills they need to progress in the competitive media industry.

For more information about the Media, Communications and Culture course, please contact the program administrator.


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