UK/EU student looking to study for an MA in Global Media and Culture? Apply to Keele and avail one of the 70 new PSS Scholarships of £10,000!

The scholarship scheme seeks to encourage progression of under-represented UK and EU students into taught postgraduate education. Interested in knowing more?

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Media and Cultural Studies at Keele is an exciting and developing discipline that draws together theories and practices from a range of traditional disciplines such as English, Sociology, Geography, Music and Visual Arts. It involves three main aspects:

  • The study of theories and ideas about media and cultural production in a global context
  • The critical analysis of cultural texts and practices from around the world
  • Engagement in practical creative production

The MA in Global Media and Culture seeks to explore the relationship between these three areas and to show how knowledge of each informs and influences the others. In addition, it aims to provide the skills necessary for academic study at an advanced level either for those wishing to go on to further academic research, or as an advanced preparation for those interested in pursuing careers in a range of media and culture industries.


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