Election Analysis!


The recent general election has been a prominent topic of conversation (at least for MCC staff!), for a range of factors that were in addition to the obvious concern over who the next government were going to be. These factors have included a range of topics that are highly relevant to MCC , including: The (mis?)representation of various politicians in the media; related questions of media influence; how politicians themselves communicate to diverse publics; the role of civil society; controversies surrounding polling and the (seemingly inexorable) rise of social media.

It’s good, therefore, to see that a range of fantastic researchers from across media studies, have already put together an online resource full of post-election analysis that focuses specifically on these themes (and many more).

Personally, I’m really looking forward to reading it and it looks like a fantastic resource for MCC staff and students alike.

To access the UK Election Analysis 2015 site, please go here: http://www.electionanalysis.uk/


What are your thoughts?

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