Inside the Newsroom at Keele MCC!

_DSC0011_DSC0042Some images from the recently concluded news broadcast exercise undertaken by second year MCC students as part of the ‘Creative Newsmaking’ module. Working in groups, students put together live ten-minute broadcasts mixing studio presentations with pre-prepared news packages. Stories ranged from the effects of weather on study habits to the science behind solar eclipses. Of course, the recent general election dominated this newscast as well with multiple stories examining students’ engagement with the electoral process. Congratulations to all the students who undertook the exercise with great competence and in the spirit of fun-filled hands on learning!

_DSC0008_DSC0049IMG_1601.2015-05-22_132137_DSC0045 IMG_1600.2015-05-22_123439   _DSC0025        IMG_1609.2015-05-22_141915   IMG_1606.2015-05-22_135335


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