Q&A with Peter Bowker

We were delighted this morning to host a Q&A session here in the Media Building with award-winning screen writer Peter Bowker, following his Honorary Doctor of Letters award from Keele University.  Peter is a major TV dramatist, screen writer and recent double-BAFTA winner for his acclaimed portrayal of the life of Neil Baldwin in Marvellous. In addition to his most recent success, his credits include Blackpool, Flesh and Blood, Occupation (about the Iraq War), Desperate Romantics; and the family drama set in Manchester, From There to Here.

Peter Bowker center, standing with Dr Beth Johnson and Professor David Amigoni.
From left to right, Dr Beth Johnson, Dr Peter Bowker and Professor David Amigoni.

The session commenced with some extracts from Peter’s works and was then opened to questions from the audience. Many of the questions put to Peter focused on his use of strong, dynamic characters in his screen-writes and the impact they had on the story.

The session concluded with kind words of thanks and gratitude from Neil Baldwin himself, describing what a delight it was to work with Peter and his sensitivity and attention to detail in telling the story of Neil’s life in the 2014 TV drama Marvellous.


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