Social Media & Protest Identities

Following up yesterday’s post about the SOME seminar series, just thought I’d flag up an excellent recent special edition of Information, Communication and Society. It features several of the people who have been involved with the seminar series so far, including one of its editors, Emiliano Treré, whose talk last week was a thought-provoking discussion of governmental tactics that are being used in Mexico, to make online political dissent less visible.RICS 18_7-8 Cover.indd

The special edition itself a number of excellent articles, including Anastasia Kavada’s work on Occupy, Stafania Milan’s research into the evolution of protest identities with the rise of cloud computing, and Treré’s own valuable analysis of the #YoSoy132 movement in Mexico.

It should prove especially useful and interesting for students taking DIY Broadcasting or Making the News, as well as our final year and research students who are exploring questions of identity, digital media, and protest cultures as part of extended project work.

If you’re particularly interested in these themes, I’d also recommend taking a look at last year’s edition of Convergence, which explores the relationship between new media technologies and protest (and not just because I’ve got an article in it… honest!). Megan Boler et al‘s in depth exploration of gender relations within the Occupy movement would be especially useful for students, in relation to some of the key issues that we discuss on our undergraduate programmes.


What are your thoughts?

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