Welcome to Keele/Welcome Back!

Just a quick post to say that we’re looking forward to meeting all of our new students tomorrow, and seeing all of current students again too!

Some key things to note for this week:


Welcome meeting, 10.30am, CBA1.021 (in the Chancellor’s Building): Introductory session for all new students, where you’ll receive some key information about the degree and staff will introduce themselves.


Practical induction, 2pm, Media Building: Induction for all new students, where you will be advised on how to use our technical facilities.


Meet & Greet, 11am Media Building: A chance for a more informal chat with staff, plus some free food & drink for media students!

You should all have also received letters that give you the times and locations of your personal tutor meetings, which will also take place next week. Be sure to also check your timetables, which you can access electronically via the student portal, on the office tab.

Hope you all have a fantastic freshers’ week! (Or refreshers’ week, in some cases!)


What are your thoughts?

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