At Keele: Silent cinema masterpiece accompanied by live medieval music!


Silent Cinema and Medieval Music 

Condemned unseen in France on its release, vilified by the Catholic authorities and even banned outright in England, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc is widely recognised as a silent masterpiece, regularly appearing in lists of the top ten greatest films ever made.

Inspired by Dreyer’s vision, the award-winning Orlando Consort present an entirely new, carefully crafted soundtrack of music from the era in which the film is set. The intricate beauty of 15th century works by Binchois and Dufay, together with animated motets and haunting plainsong, amplify the poignant depiction of medieval France and provide a unique and highly evocative accompaniment to this landmark film.

This tour has been supported by Arts Council England, the National Centre for Early Music and Eureka Films.

If you are a student studying film studies, MCC or music, Keele Arts are offering free entry for a limited number of students who come along on the evening or you can reserve a seat in advance by contacting their Box Office on 01782 734340.

Voices Appeared Promotional Video


I think what Don Greig and the ensemble has done is fantastically good. The film really gains from having the human voice; it immediately makes the link between the film and us.’
Neil Brand, writer, composer and silent film accompanist
BBC Radio 4 Front Row



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