My favourite MCC module

Throughout MCC there are modules that cover both theory and practical elements, and I enjoy them both equally. However, at the end of last semester, the module ‘Creating Awareness Campaigns’ particularly stood out to me, due to the element of researching and choosing a cause to create a campaign for. Working in groups we thought of charities and/or causes that inspired us, and my group and I decided on the ‘Get the Picture’ campaign from the charity Time to Change. The campaign encouraged journalists and people alike to use their catalogue of photos representing mental health in a more understanding light.

This in turn motivated my group to base our own campaign around mental health in university students, discovering the statistic that 1 in 5 students struggle with their mental health. We planned out three thirty second video clips, and three posters to go alongside them. The process of planning out storyboards, finding actors to film to then editing the material was a time consuming one, especially due to working in a group and having to work around everyone’s individual schedules.

My personal favourite part of the module was the editing process, due to having experience using similar software before. I was in charge of editing our final posters and our aim was to keep them simple, warn and friendly; as our research showed how many campaigns directed at mental health are portrayed negatively, using dark colour palettes and sad facial expressions. We wanted to emphasize how suffering with a mental health problem could happen to anyone, not the stereotypical ‘head clutcher’ figure.

In all, this module had many aspects which I enjoyed, and as I mentioned I particularly loved the research and campaigning for a real cause that deserves more recognition. Working in a group sometimes proved difficult due to scheduling aspects and conflicts of ideas, but in modules such as this, group work creates an altogether better final project due to utilizing group members’ different talents.


What are your thoughts?

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