My first post for this blog

Hello my name is Calum MacDonald and I am 2nd year MCC Student and will be posting on this blog with some of my experiences of studying the course and any interesting articles I think you guys would enjoy.

My favourite MCC module to so far in year 2.

I have enjoyed all the MCC modules I have taken so far and am looking forward to studying Documentary theory and practice as well as Analysing culture this coming semester. Last year gave me a good base of both practical and theoretical knowledge that have helped this year.

My favourite modules from last semester was undoubtedly “creating an awareness campaign” this module was a great way of developing my practical skills alongside broadening my understanding of advertising media both print and video forms and learning about a number of theorists. We were put into groups and instructed to create 2-3 posters as well as a video that could be up 5 minuets long about any campaign we wished. My group selected the local food bank as one of us had worked with them in the past.

One of the best aspects for me was researching previous poster designs for similar campaigns I found this incredibly useful when it came to filling out my workbook and would suggest strongly to anyone reading who is sitting this module next year, research is key in the success of the campaign and for completing the workbook to an appropriate standard. Understand previous works and fitting into those conventions is key. We looked at NHS stop smoking campaigns and liked the shock value of the imagery and attempted to use this in our posters.

Here is one of the posters we created.
Here is one of the posters we created.

Filming whilst frustrating at times was beneficial as it helped me improve my skills and attempt a number of shots I had been researching and envisioned would fit well. As the days went on the group worked better together and with the use of our storyboard we planned out exactly what shots we wanted at each part of the scene.

Post production can stressful at times, but with practice, my skills as well as my groups skills on Premiere pro improved and we found myself ourselves very happy with the piece we created in the end.

This module is great for a number of reasons, it gets you used to working as part of a team, understanding both practical and theoretical sides of producing a video and print piece of work and allows you to work on industry level editing equipment.


What are your thoughts?

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