The End

For my first post on the MCC blog I will be showcasing a bit of my Final Year project. This is my personal journey depicting different emotions and mental states.


In this project I wanted explore a range of mental states and tried to find many different creative ways to express them in front of the camera. Some of my images are in silhouettes and others are in monochrome, all of which were shot in a controlled environment where I could alter lighting, background and camera lenses.


I concentrated on silhouettes because they are visually appealing and send out a strong message to the viewer. I wore simple black attire to make my body shapes and my face in some instances the focal point. I wanted my audience to pay more attention to the emotion in my images, rather than see it as a glamorous beauty shoot.


I choose to use self-portraits because I felt they would be more effective in highlighting and narrating my actual experiences. Some of the mental states I wanted to portray in front of the camera were anxiety and depression. These were important to me because I am able to show a progression from my lowest points to normal, bubbly self.


My final work will be on display in the Media Building as part of the Final Year Exhibition on 11th May 2016.


What are your thoughts?

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