My first post

Hi everyone,

I am Adina, one of the new second year social media reps for MCC here at Keele, so I will be making posts on here from time to time.

I Hope you have all had a great start to the year unless, like me you’ve been stuck in the library revising for exams and completing assignments (fun times). With that being said I thought with exams and assignments being the main focus of this month, what better way to start off my first blog post.

This semester I took the module ‘Making the News’ which has easily been my favourite module so far during my two years at Keele and I would highly recommend it to any first years studying MCC. The lectures were quite small so we were able to get the same level of intimacy as we would in a seminar, which I found to be beneficial as any questions we had were answered on the spot without any need to book an appointment with the tutor or module leader.

The practical assignment of this module was a to create a news report which could take the form of a podcast, broadcast, blog, newspaper, and could be based on anything whether it be fictional or non-fictional. I chose to present my news report in the form of a blog as this was a avenue that I felt I had the most experience in and would evidently feel more comfortable in regards to writing style and the overall layout. Choosing a topic in my opinion was one of the main difficulties of this assignment as there were just so many endless avenues that could be explored.

In the end I chose the topic of body image. This is something that I have been interested in for quite a long time, in recent it has also been getting more media coverage, which I believe highlights the importance for our society to be educated or in fact enlightened in the way body image is portrayed within the media and the possible detrimental effects that it may have on an individual. My blog mainly focused on marketing campaigns and the way they portray particular body types, in addition to exploring the question: “what is the perfect body”, which was based on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret campaign called “the perfect body”.

If you are interested in taking a look at this piece, please follow this link: The perfect body 

All support is much appreciated 🙂

Until next time,

Adina Daniel-Haughton


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