Keele in a Day

~ Calling all students!! ~

What is it?

Keele in a Day is a project based on the 2011 film produced by Ridley Scott called ‘Life in a Day’. It is a document of life from all four corners of the globe, over the course of just one day, following people from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. It was a crowdsourced project, with more than 80,000 submissions and 4,000 hours of footage. The finished product is something incredible.


Now it’s Keele’s turn.

We want you to join us in creating a day in the life of Keele – on film. Whether it’s your morning routine, your trip to University (whether you work on or off campus), lectures, teaching, writing, research, sporting events, society meetups, or that point when you finally get home and flop on the sofa, it’s all part of what makes us the Keele community.

When is it?

The day we will be documenting will be Tuesday 12 April 2016. A normal (hopefully sunny!) day we hope that this will give the broadest view of what life is like on campus. In addition to lectures, Varsity will also take place at Keele which we hope will add to the film.

Why is it happening?

We’ve had a lot of success and fun with student and staff generated content over the past few months, most of which you might recognise:  Generation K – a web series created with Keele Drama Society, 2015/6 student vlogs and Love Your Subject – personal experiences from academic environments. It’s this experience that has made us want to create a campus-wide event to bring together students and staff in an incredibly exciting way. The film will then be a legacy, YOUR legacy, a marker for content at Keele for years to come.

What sort of content do we want?

Anything! Well, any type of video filmed on the day. Clips of your morning routine, getting to Uni, sports, lectures, societies, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, late night pints, anything that makes Keele for you. Keep it PG though guys.

I’m sold! How do I pledge to take part?

Step 1: Fill in this Google Form to let us know of your intention to be involved

Step 2: Forward to friends and other societies and ask them to pledge with you!

Step 3: Send us your video! You can do this by:

Step 4: View the finished product with us at campus screening in June 2016 (date TBC)

When you submit a clip, you’ll be invited to the VIP screening of the final film, whether or not your clip is used. It will be an incredible event for Keele and everyone pledging to take part, and will be a fantastic way to show people just why Keele is so special.

We are all super excited about this project, and we hope you will be too!


What are your thoughts?

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