Have your say-National Student Survey 2016!


MCC finalists, it’s time to have your say! This is just a reminder to please fill out the National Student Survey, as soon as you get the chance! Over the years both MCC and Film have made lots of improvements to our courses, based on your feedback. Last year this included:

  1. You said you would like to have a clearer idea of how we mark assessments so we introduced assessment workshops and tutorials in our modules.
  1. You said you would like support to improve your marks so we introduced integrated and dedicated student support sessions into your cores modules focussing on key skills.
  1. You said you would like us to further enhance your understanding of theory and practice so we incorporated everyday examples from popular culture to illustrate theoretical arguments – from Dismaland to online fan communities!
  1. You said you would like us to further engage your interest and so we expanded the variety of teaching and assessment methods, integrating theory and practice.

All of your feedback is incredibly appreciated, and is really meaningful and helpful both to the development of our teaching and in supporting the MCC and Film communities at Keele.

The survey can be found here: http://www.thestudentsurvey.com/


What are your thoughts?

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