MCC students report: Tesla just changed the game!

On Friday Tesla motors finally announced the release of their Model 3 electric car after keeping punters waiting for two years. The low priced, beautifully crafted Model 3 hopes to change the car industry, and propel electric cars into the mainstream.

tesla model 3

Pictured above the design isn’t to dissimilar to the original Model S but comes with a much prettier price tag. (Auto Express) “It will have a starting price of $35,000 (£24,400) in the US but Elon Musk hinted that most models will be sold for closer to $42,000 (£29,400) once options are added”. Tesla motors released a statement saying they have already taken a staggering 276,000 preorders for the car. CfJMzCTWQAEnCZu.jpg-large

Pictured above Elon Musk owner of Tesla motors tweets first two days orders.

What does a car (electric or not)have to do with media, why is this on my Media, Comms & Culture blog? Other than the incredible job Tesla’s marketing team have done to promote its product through some expertly created posters and ad campaigns, or the fact it is using emerging technology, the reason I wish to talk about it is the interior and in particular the dashboard. The incredibly simplistic design feel spacious and offers easily enough room for 5 adults to sit comfortably. Tesla has done away with overly crowded interior and has simply replaced it with a large touch screen. 20160331_213047

The touchscreen is the only instrument in the entire vehicle and controls everything from the air con to the electricity usage, its 22 inch touch screen has been described as incredibly easy to use. Sat nav, bluetooth  connectivity, speedometer, you name it the tablet like screen controls it. Rumours are circulating that by release date (year end 2017) all models will have a auto pilot feature that is controlled through the touchscreen allowing you to set destinations, cruising speed amongst other things.  The screens design looks fantastic and provides something different to anything that is currently out on the market by way of interior. The idea that for £24,000 you could get a executive looking electric car that can be used in day to life 5 years ago would seem highly unlikely and now is looking like a reality.

Tesla really have changed the game with the model 3. What you get for your money in terms of not only looks, but the motor that delivers of performance as well as being spacious and tech savvy the £24,000 base price tag makes it look like you will be passing a fair few Tesla’s on the motorways of Britain.


What are your thoughts?

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