Talk: Journalist Peter Bacon

On 4th of May we’re lucky to have a talk by the journalist Peter Bacon, who will be on campus to interview our colleague James Tartaglia about his Jazz-Philosophy fusion project.  If you’re interested in working in the media, particular news contexts, then please do come along and ask questions, to gain some practical advice and tips.
Peter Bacon was a newspaper journalist for over 20 years (in South Africa and the UK, holding various editorial positions) before moving into arts festival management for 10 years. He is now a freelance jazz journalist. His current work includes blogging, programme note writing, freelance jazz writing, and selected promotional/publicity work. He describes his well-known blog as ‘voluntary work in support of a deprived sector of the community, viz jazz musicians’.
Peter’s agreed to give a talk to on his wide experience in the business: on journalism, arts reviewing and running a blog.
The event is at 3:30, Wed 4 May, Keele Hall Senior Common Room.

What are your thoughts?

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