Film and television after Brexit

Film and Television Studies after Brexit is a one-day research workshop looking into the impact of the EU referendum vote on this academic field. Gathering together a range of expert speakers from Film and Television Studies, the workshop will explore key questions relating to Brexit and its cultural and academic repercussions:

– In what ways does the EU referendum decision invite us to rethink both the past and present of ‘British’ film and television, and of national film and television histories?

– How has Brexit been narrated in film and television, and what are the implications of this?

– What are the potential implications of Brexit for film and television as UK industries, and for reception abroad?

– How does the decision to leave the EU impact upon Film and Television Studies as an area of study in the UK, and beyond?

All attendees will be invited to participate in a concluding discussion, identifying the significance of Brexit for their own research, and looking at potential directions for future work and collaborative projects.

Invited speakers:

Julian Petley (Brunel University)

Owen Evans (Edge Hill University)

Beth Johnson (University of Leeds)

James Leggott (Northumbria University)

Participation at the workshop, including lunch, is free. Places are limited, however, so please book if you intend to come.

To register please see here:


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