Treasure Hunt – Tomorrow!

Don’t forget, the MCC Treasure Hunt is tomorrow! ItsĀ completely freeĀ and there is a massive hamper of stuff for the winners!Ā The treasure huntĀ startsĀ atĀ 12pm, and the first team to find all the clues will win… so don’t be late!!


So grab your coats and wellies and come along tomorrow, meeting at the entrance to Keele Woodland trail. Completely free to all MCC and ISC Media students.

Photoshoot for the 2019 Prospectus

Here are some ‘making of’ photos during a photoshoot yesterday in the Media Building.

The photoshoot was for the upcoming Keele 2019 Prospectus, which will feature one of the photos taken yesterday by a professional photographer!A massive thanks again to our media students who participated!

“Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food” TV Review

Its been a while since my last blog, so I thought I’d kick off the new academic year with a subject that’s close to my heart… FOOD!

Jamie Oliver is back with a new programme on Channel 4:Ā Jamie’s Quick and Easy Food. The show, hosted by the man himself, does exactly what it says on the tin; offering fast, mouthwatering recipes that anyone can prepare.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 17.29.18
Image taken from Instagram (@jamieoliver)

The instructions for each dish are explained clearly and simply. The important preparations are repeated often, leaving the recipes easy to remember. The real joy to behold, as any media enthusiast will agree, is the camera work. Channel 4 have done an amazing job in the production of this show. All of the shots are crisp, snappy and perfectly focused.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 17.28.55
Image taken from Instagram (@jamieoliver)

The only frustration that I have found whilst watching each episode is the choice of ingredients. Granted, most of the ingredients are simple enough – pasta, cheese, fresh herbs – but Jamie will then throw out something really obscure. He often uses ingredients which are, what I would call posh, and a little hard to come buy.

I’ve never seen these in Tesco, have you?

Jamie explains that these key ingredients can be simply picked up in your local farm shop or organic produce store – well Jamie, that’s great, but you’ve clearly never been to Stoke, duck!

All in all, the programme is a great watch, even if – some may find – a little unrealistic to accurately reproduce the dishes shown. I’ll certainly be tuning in again next Monday at 8pm on Channel 4.

Ethnicities, Counterpublics, Appropriation and Social Media Symposium

On the 8th June MCC hosted an international symposium on the dynamics of activism on social media. The organisers Dr Elizabeth Poole and Dr Eva Giraud (MCC) and Dr Ed de Quincey (Computer Science) arranged the event to present some of their findings from the British Academy funded project, ā€˜Who speaks for Muslims? Political frictions and the politics of appropriation in social mediaā€™.

We began the day by examining some of the negative tweeting of right wing groups both in the US and the Netherlands. Speakers came from the Utrecht Data School to demonstrate the tweeting of populist politician Geert Wilders (Gerwin van Schie and Iris Muis) and discuss the bias in Government systems that categorise and discriminate against ethnic minorities (Gerwin van Schie with Nicolas Lopez Coombs). Then Munira Cheema, from the University of Sussex, explored the struggles around constructions of national identity on social media between different groups in Pakistan. In the afternoon, the mood became more hopeful as we heard how social media can be used to give voice to minorities through blogging in Finland in ā€˜Migrant Talesā€™ (Kaarina Nikunen, University of Tampere) and how Twitter has been a vehicle for unity following the death of MP Jo Cox (Beth Johnson, University of Leeds).

We also welcomed two keynote speakers, Dr Pollyanna Ruiz (University of Sussex) who delivered a fascinating talk on the role of masks in online activism and Dr Dima Saber (Birmingham City University) who finished off the day nicely with her critical analysis of the theory and methodologies used to analyse social media, with reference to her own work with Arab activists.

It was a fascinating and hopeful day with fantastic speakers and stimulating discussion. Thanks to all who came!