Work Experience Opportunities at ITV

For Keele Media students:

Some of you may have met representatives from ITV Loves Talent at the careers fair at Keele. Here is some follow up information sent by the Talent Team on different strands of work experience placements available at ITV and different routes for making contact and sending applications.


Hello and thank you for your interest in finding out more about opportunities at ITV!

We mentioned that we would send you information about how to apply for work experience through the ITV Insight Scheme Programme (click on the link to find out more and apply).

Insight is ITV’s one-stop-shop for voluntary placements and short term paid opportunities for people aged 18+. You will have to sign up and await confirmation of acceptance from the Insight team, but once you are accepted as a member of the pool, you would be invited to join the members’ only Linkedin group, where opportunities are posted for members to express their interest in. 
Applications are open now until the end of the month, and open again in January 2017 so please keep an eye out and keep applying until you are accepted!
Once you are in the Insight Pool, you will see opportunities from all over the company so even if you are not thinking about working in production and on shows, it is still worth applying for Insight so you can see which other areas are offering placements in the company.
In regards to this email address ( in particular it is used solely for production/programme staffing (not legal, technical roles, make up artists, presenters etc) so please do not email about these roles as we are unfortunately unable to assist you with a query about how other departments operate. 
We as a Talent Team, use this email to keep in touch with potential freelancers for shows that are produced in house at ITV Studios.
If you are however, interested in other avenues within ITV (that are not on production/shows) then still feel free to sign up to Insight (as they offer opportunities on there outside of productions too) and also refer to the itvjobs page for other roles in the company (more info below).
Bianca (who you met) finds freelancers for the ITV Studios Entertainment label ( and this email address is also used by two other labels within ITV Studios called Shiver ( and Potato ( as well as a team who are based in Salford and cover the North of the country. So, this ( is the best address to send your CV to if you are interested in working in production and when you start gaining more work experience / paid work in production – if that is the route you decide you would like to follow.
Labels outside of the building that produce shows for the ITV channels ( have their own people who look after their own company staffing so if you are interested in working with them, you will have to contact them individually. Other television/production departments in ITV such as Drama and Daytime also operate independently from us so if you see or are interested in an advert about Daytime or Drama production, please contact the email listed with that particular advert.
If you are more interested in working in legal, IT, technical, events or marketing etc, then you are best placed to set up a profile on to get to know what job roles or schemes are being advertised. 
We would also recommend following @ITVCareers on twitter as they will be able to inform you about any upcoming schemes and opportunities within the company.
Information and the application process is on the recruitment website which is  For news and updates about other ITV jobs and opportunities, connect with ITV on social media:

If production and working directly on shows is what you aspire to you can also, look into a fantastic scheme that is for new Talent in the Television industry:
here, called The Network. Aimed at people making their first steps in TV, this free industry training scheme is a comprehensive introduction to working in television in the UK, and runs alongside the Edinburgh TV Festival every year.

Good luck!
The Talent Team

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MCC Research Seminar: Networked Agenda-setting & Religion: Coverage of London 7/7 in the British, American and Polish Press-Damian Guzek

Damian Guzek
Media, Communications and Culture is currently hosting a visiting research fellow, Damian Guzek, who is working in the area of media, religion and politics. Damian is an assistant professor at the Institute of Political Science and Journalism, University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland). His visit is part of a research project entitled ‘Media towards the idea of the secular state’, financed by the National Science Centre in Poland.
Damian will be presenting some of his work on depictions of the London 7/7 bombing in the British, American and Polish press on Monday 10th October at 4.30pm in CM0.12, Claus Moser Research Centre.
This presentation provides the setting for a comparative analysis of the press coverage of London bombings, focussing in particular on religious issues, in leading newspapers, from the UK, the USA, and Poland. He focuses on network agenda setting, instead of the individual attributes of the media agenda, and in doing so, his work provides a more precise view of dynamics of the press coverage  of London 7/7.

MCC Alumni Talk: Emily Pearce, Copywriter & Social Media Editor at Rufus Leonard (11 October, 3 PM, Media Building)

_DSC0020 copyEmily Pearce (right) with Dr Liz Poole, accepting the Laura Mulvey Prize for Best Dissertation in Media, Communications & Culture (2014-2015)

Emily Pearce is a graduate of Dual Honours BA programme in Media, Communications & Culture (MCC) and History, 2015. She completed an internship at the digital media company, Rufus Leonard, and has now secured a position as a Junior Copywriter and Social Media Editor. On Tuesday 11th October at 3pm (Screening Room, Media Building), Emily will be talking to current MCC students about how she secured her position and her experiences in the world of work. If you want to find out how to apply for an internship position and get a foot in the door of a new media company, come and listen to Emily’s talk. All MCC students are welcome.

We are delighted to welcome Emily back to Keele for this event. While at Keele, Emily wrote her media dissertation on the construction of identity on social media. For her work, she was awarded the Laura Mulvey Prize for best dissertation (2014-2015) and the project helped her secure her current position! There could not be a better example of how theory, analysis & practice go hand in hand- an approach that is the unique signature of Keele’s Media, Communications & Culture programme.

Thank you Emily for offering to share your story & experiences. We really appreciate it!